Client portal

EPR’s unique software solution to managing your workflow makes does away with unnecessary paperwork.

We always strive to bring fresh thinking and new ideas to help improve our customer experience. Our paperless Job Management Platform allows you to access up-to-date information and all of the supporting documents of your planned or ongoing EPR jobs, in a secure, password-protected environment.

Organised on a job by the job basis, you can check the progress of work, view before-and-after, on-site pictures and view and manage your account invoicing. You can even track our engineers and if you need to, generate and send out text messages to update your customers.

Open a new account with us and experience the benefits of our Job Management Platform.

Our services include

  • View job scheduling
  • Check real-time updates of works, including invoices, engineer tracking
  • Generate text messages to update customers
  • Access job history, including correspondence and before-and-after pictures
  • View account records for remote auditing

“EPR’s software is brilliant, it is quick and easy to use which is a huge help in surge periods as time is of the essence.”

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