Social Housing

Being able to rely on your management company in an emergency is fundamental to the quality of life for countless social housing communities.

Our service reflects directly on you, and EPR understands that the maintenance needs of large commercial properties are vastly different to the needs of smaller owner-occupied properties and that when you are choosing the right contractor, it is vital that you can be confident they have the right experience to add value to your offering. That is why EPR makes sure that all of our engineers are thoroughly trained to work compassionately and efficiently in peoples’ homes. Our 30 years’ experience means that we always provide a reliable and expert support service, that is efficiently supported by our unique Project Management Platform which allows you manage each project simply and effectively.

Our services include

  • Void works
  • Electrical testing and certification
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Plumbing repairs

“Always there to assist, helpful and friendly staff; an efficient company with innovative ideas to make life easier for their clients.”

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