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Major surge events

When an unexpected disaster strikes, local resources will be stretched to breaking point and untrained personnel in disaster response simply cannot cope with the urgent and specialist demands required. A property without power, dehumidification and drying facilities will soon suffer secondary damage and incur unnecessary costs for the insurer.

To aid our clients at such times we have a robust system which will deploy a team of skilled technicians and mobile office facilities to anywhere in the UK. Working alongside our locally based technicians, we ensure that the demands of our clients will always be met during these challenging times.

To guarantee our response times, a comprehensive check list, including computer hardware, necessary office equipment, pre-assembled temporary power supply boards and vital stock items are always kept on hand and ready to be deployed anywhere in the UK within 24 hours.

Our operating model is flexible and has been successfully used on the following events:

  • Cockermouth 2009 – we were onsite within 24 hours restoring power to enable drying and strip out works to start.
  • The big freeze of 2010 – we provided UK-wide support with a surge of plumbing repairs and electrical checks caused by burst pipes.
  • Localised flooding in 2012 – we provided regional and local support to our clients following localised flooding in Littlehampton, Todmorden, the north east of England, Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Wilshire and Gloucestershire.
  • Localised flooding in 2013 - we assisted our clients following flash flooding affecting 300 properties in Southall, Nottinghamshire.
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